Early Childhood Physical Education
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Each class brings new Games, imaginative“Adventures,” Mind & Body Challenges, Gymnastics, Obstacle Courses, and Sports. Confidence soars as Students overcome fears, solve problems, socialize, and develop their athletic skills. 

Story Time (12 - 26 Months, Parent/Class)

Hop, Crawl, Run, Climb and Throw yourself into the story with PTYH's Story Time! Students exercise their bodies and minds with activities based on the story of the day! 

Adventure Class (2-4 years)

Explore new worlds and learn about the animals who live there! Students master their athletic abilities and learn new new things with activities based on the theme of the day!

On the Job (3-4 years)

Students get to work, learning about different occupations from fire fighters to grocery store managers!

Super Hero Class (3-4 years)

Grab your cape and discover your super powers! Students exercise their bodies and learn the value of being kind!

Sports Sampler ( 2-3 years, 3-4 years)

The perfect first impression of sports, including baseball, basketball, soccer, and more! 

Mix up (2-4 years)

Each class keeps students guessing, covering a sampler of all classes offered!